Printed paper tapes

Eco paper tapes for your business

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Printed paper tape (PAPER KRAFT) with a company logo is the best solution for e-commerce business. We produce high-quality paper packaging tapes, which are characterised by very high strength and great adhesive power.

Our paper tapes are perfect for securing shipments and are also good for the environment. Our printed paper tape is the best and environmentally friendly way to pack your parcels. Printed paper self-adhesive tape is a very versatile solution that also improves your company's image and presents your company as pro-ecoclogical one.

By printing your company logo, advertising text or warning symbols on the paper tape, we transform our kraft tape into an advertising medium with considerable reach - adding extra value in the form of low-cost advertising and the certainty that the customer will remember the visual identity of our company. This form of promotion is ideal for your business.

Paper tape (KRAFT) is equipped with an adhesive layer based on synthetic rubber (HOTMELT adhesive) or natural rubber (SOLVENT adhesive). Our kraft tapes are free of environmentally hazardous ingredients. Organic printed paper tape is made of environmentally friendly materials and comes in two colours: white and brown (HOTMELT adhesive) or brown only (SOLVENT adhesive).

Ecological printed paper tapes (KRAFT) are a perfect form of marketing for your company. Printing your own company logo or advertising slogan will improve the recognition of your company. In addition, paper logo tape (KRAFT) will attract many new customers who care about environmental protection. Printed paper packaging tape with custom print is becoming increasingly popular and has become an essential piece of equipment for online shops, offices and warehouses. It is perfect for packing cartons of different weights and sizes, sealing small packages and envelopes, sealing and labelling goods.

permanent strong bonding
Paper tapes
on SOLVENT adhesive

SOLVENT adhesive is characterised by high bonding strength, which becomes stronger with time. Moreover, it is a product resistant to low and high temperatures - after sticking it retains its properties in the range from -20°C to +60°C. Available in brown version only, minimum print-run is 36 pieces.
Prints up to 3 colours. (PANTONE SOLID COATED PALETTE).

exceptional adhesive strength
Paper tapes
on HOTMELT adhesive

HOTMELT adhesive is characterised by a very high initial bonding strength, which ensures the stability of the connection from the very first moments after sticking. Moreover, after sticking, the HOTMELT printed adhesive tapes are resistant to low and high temperatures - they keep their properties in the range from -10°C to +50°C. Paper tapes with HOTMELT adhesive are available in white and brown version, minimum print-run is 540 pcs.
Prints up to 8 colours (PANTONE SOLID COATED PALETTE) and we can also print photos (CMYK).

Tips for using our paper tape kraft tape eco tape

Tips for using our tape:

  • Paper tapes should be stored in dry rooms, in original cartons
  • Eco kraft tape should be applied at temperatures above +8 °C,
  • Paper tape should be stuck to a clean and dry surface
  • Firmly pressing the kraft tape to the surface improves the tape's adhesion to the substrate
  • Do not use sharp tools for opening individual and collective packaging (cartons) in which the tapes are packed, the most common cause of tape cracking is cutting the edge of the tape.