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Thanks to constant investment in reliable machinery, use of the best raw materials and components as well as modern technologies we can offer a product of the world-class quality. Our wide range of products ensures that every customer will find the suitable tape containing its own logo. Our knowledge and experience translate into effective action and a final product of the highest standard. Our team takes care of the best customer service.

Why should you choose our printed tapes?
Here are some of the most important reasons:
Top quality tapes

First and foremost, it is a product of excellent quality that will fulfil its practical purpose of sealing and securing any (even the heaviest) parcel.

An excellent form of advertising

Printed tape is also a relatively cheap and very effective form of advertising. On such tape we can place the company logo, any text or advertising slogan.

Secure your parcel

Printed tape on your parcel also acts as a security seal. We can then ensure that the parcel has not been opened by unauthorised persons.

A tape for your needs

An individual print on your tape will make it stand out, plus you choose the size of the tape and the carrier or adhesive it will be made from.

Top quality
of printed tapes thanks to modern methods.

The prints are made using flexographic printing up to 8 colours, we can also print a photo. We can place any graphics on the tape- usually it is a company logo and an advertising slogan or contact details. We can also print warning texts on the tape (e.g. "Fragile"). Our team of graphic designers is at your disposal- after sending the logotype, a visualisation of the tape will be prepared and sent back to you for approval. In the case of any comments, the design will of course be modified for your complete satisfaction. The design and any modifications are free of charge.

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Central European countries
Reliable Partner in Central Europe

For many years we have been a leader in the production of printed self-adhesive tapes in Central Europe, with a permanent presence in countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia.

Protape is PRO-ECO!
Wide range of adhesives!

We also use a variety of adhesives for tape production. Very popular is the adhesive based on synthetic rubber, or hotmelt. This is a strong adhesive with high initial bonding.

For more demanding customers we can offer solvent adhesive (natural rubber). This adhesive can be used for the heaviest parcels and is also resistant to low temperatures and bad weather conditions.

We also offer tapes on acrylic adhesive, also in a low noise version, which is of great importance when it comes to work comfort during continuous packaging.

We also offer tapes on various carriers: PCV foil, polypropylene foil and for ecology lovers - paper tapes made of kraft paper.

All our tapes are devoid of raw materials that could harm the environment, during the production of tapes we try to pay special attention to the lack of pollution, we are always pro-ECO.

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